EdgarStokka.NET is a personal experiment into the fascinating world of evolving Internet technologies. After sitting down in front of a computer for the first time in 1998, I have developed an interest in a wide range of technologies, tools, and techniques, and I use my personal website to play around with newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Since writing my very first HTML-tag back in 1998, I have been devoted to developing and improving my own little sphere in cyberspace. After being renamed at least a couple of times, my web-initiatives were eventually known as EdgarStokka.NET; an "umbrella-website" for EdgarStokka.NET, Australia.NET, and Personal.NET.

As of December 2009, I made a choice to abandon my custom built, static website, and explore the possibilities of a blog enabled website. I checked out a lot of alternatives, and finally I went ahead with WordPress which I find to support all the functionality I am looking for - and more!

Eventually (October 2010), as I realized that I had a growing number of completed an ongoing projects, I decided to re-create EdgarStokka.NET as a hub for all these projects - a common gateway for all my online projects.

I hope you like what you see. I look forward to hearing your response!

And here's a bit of history for you.

It all started at Næringsakademiet in Stavanger

I attended a Microsoft FrontPage 98 course at Næringsakademiet (www.na.no) in Stavanger back in 1998, and this was my very first experience in anything that had to do with web development. After writing my first lines of HTML code, I was surprised by the simplicity and logic behind this markup language. I started working on a personal website straight away, for no other reason than showing off (not many friends of mine had websites back then).

It continued at DPH

At DPH (Den Polytekniske Høgskolen, now NITH - Norges Informasjonsteknologiske Høgskole, www.nith.no) I had my first encounter with real nerds (1998-2000). Having a personal website was no longer extraordinary among the people I hung around, however, having a really cool website was still a good thing. Gif-animations were hot back then, and I was in the forefront of extreme use. Having said that, I learned a lot from other students at DPH, and my website did actually improve quite a bit during the two years at DPH.

Australia: Now it's serious!

Upon packing my bags and leaving for Australia back in 2001, I sat down and added a new section to my website. It was to be dedicated to my stay "down under", and was to be referred to as Australia.NET.

EdgarStokka.NET v1

All along, the intention was to update friends and family back home on what was going on in Australia, and I just thought a website would be far more convenient than having to send numerous e-mails. Also, people would not be hassled by my constant updates - instead they could visit my website at their own leisure.

Apart from the practicality of the website idea, a constant need for updates and changes where also caused by the fact that I did actually study to become a person who could eventually end up doing this kind of work. In other words, the subjects I did, and the knowledge and skills gained from them, gave me ideas on how to improve my website.

Having competitive friends, like Tore, also played a major, and the website-race soon turned out to become a competition between us, where the goal seemed to be who could put images online the quickest after they has been taken. We were both equipped with our own Canon Digital Ixus, and we sometimes looked more like war-photographers than peaceful students, fighting over the best shot.

Back home: Another major update

Towards the end of my stay in Australia, I was unable to update my website as often as I thought I would. Realizing that something had to be done, I therefore began looking at doing a major update to the website after returning to Norway. Eager to learn new stuff, I started playing around with PHP, and I soon had a few ideas in my head on what to do. Unfortunately, and as always, when I start something like this, it always blows out of proportions. Anyway, the result was a brand new design for a new EdgarStokka.NET, version 6.0, launched May 17th 2006.

EdgarStokka.NET v2

Last updated: July 24, 2012