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About StokkPhoto

Welcome to StokkPhoto - a dedicated website for sharing of my photographic experiences!

Edgar Stokka My name is Edgar Stokka and I have "always" been interested in photography - to the extent that I have always brought a camera with me wherever I go. It started out with a simple compact film camera at an early age, and film based SLR cameras from the early 1990s. I eventually took the huge leap towards digital photography - and I enjoy every moment of it!

Since buyin my first camera I've always been a devoted Canon fan. I admit to having considered both Canon and Nikon when I was entering the world of SLR cameras, however, I do not regret my choice back then. My personal Canon experience has been very positive, and since I have been investing in equipment and accessories compatible with Canon camera bodies, I cannot be pursuaded to switch to Nikon - or any other SLR brand for that matter. So when I entered the digital age of photography, I stayed loyal to Canon.

Although I do have photo galleries available on numerous other online services such as Flickr (see the Links page), I have had the idea of a separate and personal website to show off some of my best photos for quite a while - and thus, I give you StokkPhoto! The name is of course chosen intentionally, with reference to the great iStockPhoto website.

Intentional vs Unintentional Photography

My objective is for StokkPhoto to be the main website for sharing my passion for "intentional photography".

In my opinion, intentional photography is when you plan in advance your photo sessions, i.e. travelling to a specific location at a specific time, when you set up your photo studio or location before you start shooting, and when you know in advance what you are trying to achieve.

On the other hand, I think of unintentional photography to be the "happy snapping" all of us do all the time since most of us bring our cameras wherever we go. It is the moments we capture when we have not made any prior planning - we simply shoot our photos along the way. And please don't misunderstand - unintentional photography might as well turn out to be a masterpiece!

Non the less, here - StokkPhoto - is where you will find the results of my intentional photography!

This page was last updated on Wednesday May 1, 2013